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MorePhotos - a complete photography sales and proofing service. MorePhotos is a secured, internet software package that makes it easy for any photographer to upload images to the web for clients to proof and purchase photos from their event.

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The software allows the photographer to have total control of their images, pricing, and all orders. Photographers use the MorePhotos software to select the images from their computer and transfer them to their website for online-proofing and sales.

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What are some of the benefits of using Pictology?

  • It Saves You Money. Pictology's low 12% transaction fee is the lowest in the industry. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars during the course of a year.
  • Upload More for Less. Our Premium service costs less than other services, and allows more images per event to be uploaded.
  • Simple Upload Process. The Pictology Uploader Program (The PUP) is both PC and Mac compatible, and is so easy to use you'll have your first event uploaded in no time.
  • Lab Fulfillment or Self Fulfillment. Whether you want to send your orders to a lab, or print them yourself, we have you covered. Pictology has automated support to fulfill orders however you want.
  • Email Marketing. Pictology automatically sends out emails when your event becomes available, and also just before it expires. You can also send out your own emails whenever you want to alert viewers of any special offers.
  • Event Discounts. When you upload each event, you can specify what discounts you want to be available. This is completely configurable by date and percentage.
  • Multiple Product Lists. Do you shoot different types of events that you want to sell at different prices? No problem, Pictology fully supports multiple product lists.
  • Unlimited Categories. There is no limit on the number of categories you can have in an event.
  • The Handy Zoom Tool. Have your clients complained they can't see if their eyes are open or not? No problem, Pictology's handy zoom tool allows them to zoom in and check.
  • Money Back Guarantee. We are so confident that you will enjoy using our service that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Pictology is software developed by photographers, for photographers, to display and offer for sale images from events they have photographed. Our overriding purpose is to offer a simple, easy to use, and inexpensive way for photographers to sell photos online, and provide their clients with a way to view and purchase images in a secure and efficient manner. By combining some of the newest technology and dedicated customer service, it is our goal to provide professional photographers with the best online proofing product in its class - regardless of what you are comparing - features, cost, speed, ease of use, customer satisfaction - we have it all.

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LabImages allows your photo lab to provide value added services by offering photographers an online proofing and ordering system as well as order fulfillment using the LabImages software suite.

  • The system is totally co-branded with the Labs name
  • Your photographers don't need to know our company - no site redirection
  • We are not a printing lab. We are a software company creating state of the art software for the photo industry.
  • We do not charges commissions on sales, our fees are a fixed cost.

The lab controls all aspects of the online-proofing system. Uploading and maintenance can be done by the lab or the photographer, whichever meets the lab' s business model.

We offer three entities of software to our lab customers to offer their photographers. Two of these are website pieces, and one is a proprietary software suite we developed for the system.

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