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ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers with all their internet needs world wide. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here’s your host, Damien Allen.  DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen and today joining us on the telephone is master photographer, Sandy Puc, of Sandy Puc Portraits Design in Littleton, Colorado. Good afternoon and welcome to the program, Sandy.
SANDY: Thanks for having me.
DAMIEN: You’re going to be speaking at the upcoming conference at Imaging USA with a workshop called Tots to Teens. Could you please give us a little information on what this would be all about?
SANDY: Sure.   I’ve been working with children as a children’s photographer for about 20 years and the idea behind this really is taking all that experience and creating sort of a synopsis on how to handle working with children. Children’s photography is actually more psychology than photography. It’s about 20% photography/80% psychology. It’s really about understanding children, what their needs are, what their thought process is, and really how to for lack of better word, manipulate them or convince them that they want to participate. So it’s actually a lot of fun, lot of great tricks and we enjoy teaching it.
DAMIEN: What day and times will your workshop be held during the conference?
SANDY: Our workshop is called Tots to Teens. It will be Saturday, January 9th from 1:30 – 5 pm.
DAMIEN: What do you hope the participants in your workshop is going to take away at the end of the day after this class?
SANDY: Like I said, working with children you have to be sort of creative, but you have to really understand who they are. So we have many techniques that are tried and true things that everyday we use in our studio that creates the success that we have. These are things that without fail are going to capture that child’s attention, going to get them excited about what we are doing, keep them under control which is probably the most important factor and get those expressions that the parents want. So it’s really a lot of fun, it’s very fast paced, really fun show. I think people enjoy watching it and really hopefully they walk away with their head full of knowledge on how to work with children.
DAMIEN: How did you get started with Imaging USA, Sandy?
SANDY: I’ve actually been a member of PPA for more years than I care to admit, but really I have to say that PPA and Imaging USA are a huge part of my success. I have been, you know, from the beginning which is a little over 21 years ago, I was seeking knowledge and it was really very comforting finding a place that provided knowledge to up and coming photographers to newbies, but yet could provide a well rounded information to both newbies and professionals alike. So I never felt uncomfortable and it just seemed like such a wealth of knowledge, great networking, meeting people, getting out there, showing my work, getting feedback, and it’s been a great journey.
DAMIEN: Now we’ve looked at your website, and it’s absolutely wonderful photography. It really captures the hearts of your subject. What inspires you and what made you focus on children? 
SANDY: You know, the honest truth is the children themselves. There is nothing more inspirational every day to go into a room and have a beautiful child there, and regardless of their disposition to get the opportunity to literally just play. I mean all we do all day is bring kids in, we create backgrounds, and sets and clothing changes, and we have fun, we get them all wound up, we get them all excited, we promise them the moon, we give them lots of candy, get them all sugared up, and then we get to send them home and get a brand new fresh one. So really we have the ideal job. We get about an hour of chaos and then we get to start all over at the bottom. We have a great time doing it and it’s just been refreshing. Children are so pure, and their hearts are so pure and they are like giant sponges. They just love to be a part of something exciting, and we feed off of their energy.
DAMIEN: Now you said it’s 80% psychology when you are photographing children. Are there any other tips you can give the listening audience to help them capture that moment with a child?
SANDY: Absolutely. Bribery gets me everywhere, honestly.   Having a great treat box and a sound, sort of, scenario on how you are going to present those little bribes is huge. We make it a really big deal that the children are going to get treats, but you sort of have to pace yourself. First, we always ask the parent’s permission. That’s really important. Then we hold out as long as we can. So if a child walks in and they are ready to go, we’re just going to get started and go, but about the time they get tired, we’re going to start to mention things like oh did I tell you have a big box of treats, and of course their eyes are going to light up and then we can start talking about the candy and what they are going to get. Then we can actually use just the talking about the candy almost the whole way through the session. Very rarely do we have to give them anything; it’s just really the conversation that keeps them motivated, talking about the color, what color lollipop are you going to pick or do you want a big one or a little one. Those kind of fun little conversations keep them really bright eyed and excited and honestly we can go almost through a whole session that way with very little flux, and if we have to, we may break out a treat if they are really getting kind of wiggly and they aren’t very interested, we might have to do something like give them a little motivator like maybe a Smartie like are treats are Dum Dums which is a little lollipop, they get those at the end of the session and Smarties we might give them one piece through out the session, you know, little bit here, little bit there to keep them motivated. So really a great candy box and a great system to provide those treats really will rock you through the session.
DAMIEN: Well it sounds like you have gotten quite a bit of experience doing this. How long have you been a photographer?
SANDY: Actually I started my business when I was 17 and this is all I have ever done, and I am just a little bit older than 17. So I’ve been at it for about 21 years and like I said, it’s all I’ve ever done so I think I sort of grew up in photography. I was pretty young when I started, and I think I went into it with the passion of a young person and that excitement and sort of no one can stop me attitude and I think by starting that I sort of evolved into the business and professional side of it, and I think I sort of landed in a really good space. I think I am happy about where I am and feel good about what we’re doing.
DAMIEN: And your imagery definitely shows it. What’s going to be new for Sandy Puc and Sandy Puc Portrait Designs for 2010? Are you going to be doing more conferences? Do you have new projects coming up?
SANDY: We do. We actually have a touring company, and I go out on tour every year. The exciting thing is every year we guarantee a completely different show. Our first show was Belly to Babies, our second was Tots to Teens last year, and this year is Working with Families. So we will be going out to teach all the fine details on family posing, lighting, indoor/outdoor location work, all of the tools we use, the posing tools, the lighting tools, all the equipment. So we are pretty excited about that. It’s a brand new show and that launch is January 2nd in Denver and then it starts…the official tour is 54 cities. It leaves January 22nd and we complete the tour the last day of April. So it’s quite a while out there, and then we also will be in Canada in August with the same tour, and then we have something really exciting that we will be announcing during the tour for our 2011 Tour. We’re bringing on a special guest and we’re not saying who it is, but it’s a really exciting opportunity and so we are just ready to rock it for a few more years.
DAMIEN: Wonderful. Would you like to share your website and contact information with the listening audience or those who are interested in finding out more about what’s going on with Sandy Puc.
SANDY: Sure. You would want to go to to find out about the new tour and as far as my personal website for all of our studio work and show samples of the images in the galleries, you would go to
DAMIEN: We thank you very much for joining us today, Sandy, and sharing all this information on the upcoming Imaging USA Conference.
SANDY: We are super excited to be there.
DAMIEN: We encourage our listeners to attend Sandy Puc’s workshop Tots to Teens and attending the Imaging USA Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, January 10th – 12th, 2010. Sandy’s workshop will actually be pre-conference on January 9th, Saturday 1:30 – 5 p.m. Please go check her out and we thank you for joining us today on More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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