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ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers with all their internet needs world wide. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here’s your host, Damien Allen.  DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Today we have with us on the telephone Tamara Lackey of Tamara Lackey Photography. Good morning and welcome to the program, Tamara.
TAMERA: Thank you.
DAMIEN: Now you are going to be doing a workshop at the upcoming Imaging USA conference and at the WPPI Conference. Could you tell us a little about what you’re going to be talking about?
TAMERA: Sure. I’ll be actually speaking about children’s portrait photography, but having two separate presentations at Imaging as well as WPPI. At Imaging I’m going to be speaking about interacting with children, organic directive posing techniques, creative composition methods, and I’ll also be touching on post processing, stepping through some before and after and at WPPI I’ll be focused more on some behind the scenes showing footage of actually shooting and knocking out problems before they occur when you have trouble spots in the shoot; some are pretty common ones. As well as wrapping up with some additional post processing.
DAMIEN: What days and times will your classes be held during the conferences?
TAMERA: AT Imaging USA it will be Monday, January 11th at 6:00 pm and in March at WPPI it’ll be Tuesday, March 9th at 8 am.
DAMIEN: What do you hope the participants in your classes are going to take away at the end of it all?
TAMERA:  I’m hoping, first of all, just to get people fired up and motivated and inspired. I’m going to be working, not only showcasing quite a lot of imagery, but really showing where you start when you come in fresh and raw, and what I usually love to hear when participants walk out is that they are excited, they are seeing things in a new way, and they have a lot of new techniques to try.
DAMIEN: How did you get started with both Imaging USA and WPPI?
TAMERA: When I first decided to become a photographer, I looked around and saw quite a few different organizations that had education, support, legal services, etc., and really found that the two top ones were WPPI and Professional Photographers of America, both of whom run these two major conventions. So I joined those right away in my local market as well as nationally.
DAMIEN: How long have you been shooting?
TAMERA: Nearly seven years now.
DAMIEN: We’ve checked out the website and your photography is very charming. It really captures the hearts of your subjects, and we also see that you do both commercial and studio work. How did you get started in all that?
TAMERA: Well initially when I decided I wanted to move back into the creative field, my undergrad was in art history and the creative area was masking cases and journalism and such, but I ended up taking a different path where I went into management consulting so I found my way back to the creative field and decided since I was a photographer now I was going to photograph everything I saw on the planet, but quickly decided I had to narrow down and found that most of what I did was with people, specifically the interactions and such. So the commercial work we do, the editorial work we do nearly always is photographing people even though I have certainly done all kinds of work, but in terms of architectural photography or just photographing products and such in the commercial field. We like to focus the most on people.
DAMIEN: Could you share a couple of tips on being a commercial photographer?
TAMERA: I do think, like I said earlier, when you’re at any sort of career path, getting pretty specific about what you should focus on is going to allow you to really excel in those fields. It’s very easy to get scattered, because you can do a lot with photography and commercially it’s the same way. So getting pretty clear about, you know, I kind of do this and it’s not that I can’t do this, this and that, but the more I do that the more un-focused I’m going to be, and I’d rather get really good at just this. So what I have found commercially a lot of my work with portraits compliments my commercial work, because a lot of commercial work is working with people and individuals with an emphasis on expressions. I do a lot of stock photography as well which the company I work with has stock there in Europe, but they work Getty Images and what they are asking me to do is provide very authentic expressive imagery as opposed to setting up a fake look, but to actually get the real look which again goes back to what I do with portraiture and the commercial work I do. One of the coolest projects we’ve done recently, commercially, we worked for the University of North Carolina Hospital. They opened a cancer care center; a huge multi-million dollar cancer care center in Chappell Hill, North Carolina, and they had myself and my senior associate photographer, Rachel Garrison, and another photographer in the area we stepped in and ended up photographing 60 different scientists, nurses, doctors, patients, survivors, family of survivors, basically everybody who survived like the face of cancer care, and we photographed in a way that was very true to each of their personalities and their interest and their focus, and they ended up putting up an entire exhibit of, in the end, 40 x 60 canvas pieces that went up throughout the hospital. It’s just really beautiful. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback from that. So it’s a commercial project, but it’s working right at the heart of what we like to do which is working with people in an authentic, expressive way.
DAMIEN: What’s going to be new for Tamera Lackey Photography in 2010? Will you be doing other workshops? Do you have any new projects coming up?
TAMERA: Yeah, I have spent about 8 months of this year working on filming a DVD called Inside Contemporary Children’s Photography, and I have the great luck of teaming up with Rex Ballard who is the principal cinematographer for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. He took this on as a project just because of his love of photography, and we ended up filming a nearly 2 hour DVD. It’s an instructional DVD for portrait photographers, but it’s very fun and it’s just beautifully put together, and I’m really impressed with what he’s done, and most of the time I would show up for a shoot, and he would just ok, talk to this, talk to this, and I wasn’t quite sure how it was all going to come together, but literally last night we were burning it down and getting it all ready to have packaged and shipped and stapled to offer at Imaging USA in just a couple of weeks. So…that’s going to be a lot of my focus this year is really giving that product the attention it deserves in terms of meeting the market.
DAMIEN: Would you kindly share your website and contact information with the listening audience, Tamera.
TAMERA: Absolutely. It’s and the phone number you can reach us at the studio is (919) 484-8000.
DAMIEN: We’ve been speaking with Tamera Lackey of Tamera Lackey Photography in Durham, North Carolina. Thank you very much for joining us today, Tamera.
TAMERA: Thank you.
DAMIEN: We encourage our listeners to attend Tamera’s classes at both conferences and to attend the Imaging USA Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, January 10th – 12th, 2010, or see Tamera at the WPPI Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 8th – 10th, 2010.   You have been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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