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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and today joining me on the telephone is Laura Novak of Laura Novak Portraits of Wilmington, Delaware. Good morning and welcome to the program, Laura.
LAURA: Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate you allowing me to be part of it.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you on the show today. You’re going to be speaking at the upcoming conference at Imaging USA, about Living the Dream, Make More Profits Doing What You Love. Could you tell us a little bit about what you’re going to be discussing?
LAURA: Sure, I’d be happy to. I think for a lot of photographers you get into photography because you love it, because you want to make a difference in people’s lives, and I think we all have such a passion for family photography, but I think in actually living the dream day to day and allowing it to be something that you can actually make a living on, it’s important to be able to market and sell your products. So my workshop partner and I, Kimberly Wyley, are going to be speaking together about the top tens ways in which we sell wall collections to our clients. So we will be sharing some of the different processes and ideas and I think that anybody who comes to the talk will be able to have 10 really great take-aways that they can take with them and use in their own businesses right away.
DAMIEN: What day and times will your class be held during the conference?
LAURA: Our time is actually the last day which is Tuesday, January 12th at 5:00. So be sure to stay for us, because I think it will be really worth it.
DAMIEN: What do you hope your participants to your workshop are going to take away at the end of the day?
LAURA: I really hope they’ll be able to think just a little bit differently about how they position and sell their products. I think that it’s great to have amazing photos and nobody would be going to this conference if they weren’t talented in photography. So everybody is really great at taking photos and great at lighting and some of the different ways in which makes them special in the ways in which they can be created and expressed themselves, but I think a lot of times people spend so much time taking the photos, and making sure they are as beautiful as possible and their post-production is gorgeous that they kind of forget about the other half which is actually asking people to show what they have to offer and in presenting it in a way that makes it really exciting for the client to want to purchase it. Both Kim and I have in our experiences in our own studios we both experience that wall collections are really incredibly profitable and they’re just a great way to display your art when it’s all said and done.
DAMIEN: How long have you been a photographer, and how did you get started with Imaging?
LAURA: I got started as a photographer right out of college for the most part, and I’ve been doing this for about 8 years at this point, and then I got involved with Imaging USA, because in 2007 I was chosen as one of two people nationwide as Kodak’s Emerging Photographers to Watch. And so I remember I got a phone call from the president of PPA; I was so excited, it was in December, and he was like, hey you get to present at Imaging next month, and I was like, Oh my gosh! Ok.
DAMIEN: Ok, thanks for the heads up.
LAURA: Right. Yeah, I’m like sweet. Ok, I’m rolling with it. But it was a huge honor, and I was so excited, and then after that I realized how much I loved speaking and teaching, and I loved helping other people who are incredibly talent become better at the business side of things which is definitely a strength of mine, and a strength of Kim’s as well.
DAMIEN: Now we checked out your awesome website. You’re an award winning photographer featured in numerous local, national, international publications including Modern Bride, The Knot, My Day Magazine, The New York Times, Philadelphia Elegant Bride, Professional Photographer, USA Today, and the Today Show. What contributes to your success as a photographer, Laura? 
LAURA: I think that I as much as it’s been exciting and got a lot of different recognition, I really try to connect personally with the other person who comes in, each family. I really try not to let my approach be cookie-cutter and I really, even though we have a high volume of clients come through the door, it’s important to me that they feel as though we care about them individually. I think we good job of that. It’s a tough balance when the phone is ringing off the hook, and you’re like, ok get the clients in and get them all taken care of, but I think we do a really good job of personalizing our service and making sure that we are giving our best to every person that comes in the door.
DAMIEN: Could you share a few tips on living the dream and making money doing what you love, Laura.
LAURA: I think that in living the dream, I think lots of people who will be at Imaging USA and even if they are not at Imaging USA, still dream about being a professional photographer. It’s something that they, it’s just their goal and what they have in their head when they started this, and they want to pick up a camera and be really successful at having a photography business and all of those things are so, so admirable. I think that living the dream day to day has a lot to do with really having that passion about photography  and then putting it into a business process that makes really good sense for you, and I think that living that dream has a lot to do with not only taking the photos, but selling them, selling them for, you know, a decent amount of money so you can actually have a salary with your dream, because I’m sure lots of people appreciate that too and so it’s that balance of being an artist and having passion around that, but then also having a real good business in something that is financially rewarding as well as emotionally rewarding.
DAMIEN: What’s going to be new for Laura Novak Portraits in 2010, and are you going to be doing other workshops and conferences? Do you have any new projects that are going to be coming up?
LAURA: Yeah, you know, photography business we have a lot of exciting projects that are just interesting that I am very excited about. I have an associate run division called Little Nest Portraits. We’re opening our second retail store in March so that’s really exciting. And then for the conferences and workshops, Kim and I actually teach a workshop called Living the Dream and that is going to take place in Denver. We’re almost sold out of that workshop, and we’re looking at a second one this summer. So definitely keep an eye out for the announcement of that workshop and the website is
DAMIEN: Could you kindly share your website and contact information with the listening audience, Laura.
LAURA: Yeah, absolutely. My website is just and if anybody would like to contact me, they are more than welcome to do that. I also have a website that is dedicated for photographers for education purposes and that is and they can also see where I have a blog where I post free advice for photographers on that blog and that’s just a nice read for people if they are thinking of coming to our workshop.
DAMIEN: Well thank you very much for joining us today, Laura.
LAURA: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.
DAMIEN: We’d also like to thank Whitehouse Custom Color who is Laura’s sponsor for the workshops at Imaging USA. We encourage our listeners to attend Laura Novak’s workshops and to attend the Imaging USA Conference in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee, January 10th – 12th, 2010.    You’ve been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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