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MorePhotos Radio - Robert Cavilla of UpWord Search for the PMA Convention


ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by Morephotos.comhelping professional photographers with all of their internet needs world wide. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here’s your host, Damien Allen. 
DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen and today joining me on the telephone today is Mr. Bob Cavilla of UpWord Search Marketing. UpWord Search Marketing offers integrated search marketing solutions. They are going to be speaking at the upcoming PMA Conference. Good morning, Bob, and welcome to the program.
BOB: Welcome to you as well. Thank you.
DAMIEN: You’re going to be speaking at PMA about "Baby let your Website Shine" could you tell us a little bit about what this workshop is going to be about.
BOB: Sure. The purpose of this workshop is really to teach our attendees on how to take full advantage of their website, and what we mean by that is we want our attendees’ websites to become a source of interaction for their customers and not just a brochure that they throw up online. So we are going to review all the different elements of a website from design, usability, search engine marketing and usability factors.
DAMIEN: How important is "e-commerce" to the photography business?
BOB: It’s essential. Almost every industry now, you know, digital e-commerce is a vital part of their business, but especially with the photo business where everyone has gravitated toward digital cameras and sharing photos online. From my perspective the photo industry has become a digital industry in itself. So as more people research different vendors, and they want to conduct transactions right online, it’s going to be essential. It already is essential and moving forward even more so.
DAMIEN: What is the number one mistake you see photographers make with their websites?
BOB: The number one thing we see is slow loading websites. So we still see a lot of photographers, because of their mindset publish a website that is image heavy. It really is just kind of a brochure of all their different images, but it doesn’t really encourage users to interact with the site, and then the slower the site loads, the better chance that people are going to leave and not interact with your business.
DAMIEN: Is there an easy way, or an easier way, to get traffic to a photographers’ website? Are there a couple of tips you could offer to the listening audience?
BOB: Sure the way the photographers can generate traffic to their website is really kind of a reflection of how any company can get traffic to their website. There is no easy way. You need to promote your website through your networking, on your business cards, your email signatures, any brochures that you do, tradeshows. All of that sort of good stuff. To use it as the sales channel and then take advantage of some of the online marketing opportunities, search engine optimization and marketing, all the different social media opportunities that exist, and then try to offer your customers free tools and benefits for coming to your site and build your customer loyalty through your website. So there’s not just not one quick fix. You have to really take advantage of all the different channels and then in aggregate you’ll start driving some significant traffic to your website.
DAMIEN:  What day and time will your seminar be held during the conference, Bob?
BOB: This workshop is going to be held on Saturday, February 20th at 1:00.
DAMIEN: Is there a particular place they can find you at the conference?
BOB: I’ll be walking around. So anywhere outside the conference rooms, and I’ll also be speaking at another workshop earlier in the day.
DAMIEN: At the end of the day, what do you hope participants of the seminar will be taking away?
BOB: I really hope everyone is going to leave really excited about their website and to almost have a complete mind shift. Again, I said it earlier, we hate when people see their website as just a brochure. They really need to think of it as a store front in a league of generation tools. So we’re going to hopefully light a fire and give them the tools so they can leave the conference and utilize their website in that aspect.
DAMIEN: How did you get started with the PMA?
BOB: Our company UpWord Search Marketing, we provide search engine optimization and marketing solutions to clients throughout the country and Fuji Film is a great client of ours, and we’ve had a long standing relationship with them, and over the years we’ve become more involved with  PMA and spoken at the annual conference the last three or four years, and we also do some other kind of helpful activities for their members through Fuji Film.
DAMIEN: What’s going to be new for UpWord Search in 2010?   Are you going to be doing other seminars? Are there new projects coming up?
BOB: Yes, from our perspective, we just had a very exciting year, the digital landscape is changing rapidly. Video is becoming one of the fastest growing elements of online activity, mobile with IPhones and everyone having the mobile access, Realtime search with Twitter, and all the different social media elements. So we are really looking to help people tie all of that into their marketing efforts and not only working directly with clients, but also providing training for small businesses and continuing to hopefully educate people through conferences such as the PMA.
DAMIEN: Could you kindly share your website and contact information with the listening audience, Bob?
BOB: Sure. Our website  and if you just go to the website, I’ll have my personal contact information will be there. We have a blog where we talk about different search marketing topics. That’s probably the best way, and we are located in Boston, Massachusetts.
DAMIEN: I’d like to thank you very much for joining us today, Bob.
BOB: Great. Thank you very much.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Bob Cavilla of UpWord Search Marketing, and we encourage our listeners to attend Bob’s class and to attend the PMA Convention February 19th – 22nd in beautiful Anaheim, California. You’ve been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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