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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen and joining me today on the telephone is Kenny Kim of Kenny Kim Photography in Chicago, Illinois. Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio, Kenny.
KENNY: Thank you. Thanks for having me here.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you here today, sir. You’re going to be speaking at the upcoming WPPI Conference with a class that will Dissect the Anatomy of Wedding Photography. What does this mean, and could you tell us a little bit about your class? 
KENNY: Yes. I’m really looking forward to this opportunity and in a nutshell, my class is going to be a little bit different in that I’m not going to be talking about anything specific, or anything technical that has to do with wedding photography, or even about photography, but I come from a different background where I really don’t have any formal training or education in the world of photography so I had to pretty much learn everything on my own. And I’ll be talking about personal experiences I’ve had in the ten years since I graduated from my college. I’ve learned a lot of different lessons, life lessons, and kind of business lessons which I will tend to apply to my one business and my class will be about what all that means and just how you can take things outside of your wedding industry and use that towards your business.
 DAMIEN: What day and time will your class be held during the conference?
KENNY: It will be on Tuesday at a prime time of 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and I even have a room number I think. They told me it was going to be in room number 201. Last time I checked the class was all sold out. So I’m not sure if there’s any room or not, you may have to sneak in.
DAMIEN: Is it like a concert, if you sell out you get to add another day?
KENNY: You know, I’m not exactly sure how it works. I just know that...that might be kind of cool if they did that though. I’m just really grateful that I have this opportunity to stand in front of people and tell them about my business.
DAMIEN: What do you hope the participants in your class will take away at the end of the day, Kenny?
KENNY: I want to really empower them, encourage them, whether they are photographers just starting out, whether they’ve been in their business for a long time. I want them to really just take my message and really make their business unique and also apply what they’ve learned in their life to their business to make themselves more marketable and more unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd.
DAMIEN: You’ve been labeled as a lifestyle wedding photographer. What’s the difference between a regular wedding photographer and a lifestyle wedding photographer?
KENNY: I think there is a fine line between the two. As a wedding photographer we have a specific role of capturing the important moments throughout the wedding day. As a lifestyle wedding photographer, I strive to achieve something a little bit different in a sense that I’m more unobtrusive. I’m very…I approach from a photojournalistic style point of view. But at the same time, I am really relational in the sense that I try to get to know my clients as much as possible, and to build a friendship level of comfort with my clients and the guests that are at the wedding so when they see me, they don’t see me so much as a hire or a vendor, but more I’m just a friend who shows up just to document the day, you know, I can’t stress this enough we need to be able to capture the comfortable moments when people are relaxed and comfortable. I need to be able to build trust with them and for me to do that, you know, I like to spend as much time as possible with the clients whether it be showing up at a rehearsal dinner or even just meeting with them for a cup of coffee or even a meal, before the event happens. Whatever it takes for me to just kind of build that trusting relationship.
DAMIEN: Could you share a couple of tips on how your strategy for networking marketing would help photographers build their own business.
KENNY: Yeah, I think we’re in an era where Twitter and Facebook is really taking over. We interact socially, and I think a lot of us will take advantage of their online social media. It will be a great way for us to stay connected with as many people as possible without have to be in all these different places at the same time. So I’m a firm believer in that, and I totally embrace it and I’ll probably talk more about that in detail in my classroom.
DAMIEN: What inspired you to become a photographer, Kenny, and how did you get started with WPPI?
KENNY: What inspired me as a photographer was I’ve always been fascinated by the arts and just visually I’ve always felt like I communicated better through photography and through even art, and I thought it was a subject that I could make a profession out of it and ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed having a camera in my hands, or even drawing or painting things. It wasn’t until after college I was working as a web designer and I decided that I had a lot of free time so I just started playing around with my camera a little bit more and more, and people around me at the time just gave me some opportunities to photograph some events and certain types of things that were going on without any pressure so that’s when I started developing my passion for photography. WPPI was actually something I had heard of only 3 years ago. I met a man by the name of Skip Cohen who I had no idea was the president of WPPI at the time. It was at a conference and as I started talking to him, he invited me to come to this conference so I just kind of went on his invitation not knowing it was going to change my life, you know, and my career. That’s how I got started with everything.
DAMIEN: How long have you been shooting as a photographer?
KENNY: I started my business as Kenny Kim Photography since the middle of 2006. I’m approaching my 4th year officially.
DAMIEN: So what’s going to be new for Kenny Kim Photography in 2010? Are there going to be other workshops and conferences you’re going to be attending or putting on? Are there any new projects for the studio?
KENNY: Yeah. My key goal is to really shoot about 20 or so quality weddings. I’m not the type of person going for the high volume jobs, so I’m just focusing on hopefully just shooting 20 clients. I have a couple of workshops coming up. Actually the first one is going to be January 27th in Miami, Florida, and I’m partnering with a couple of my good friends, Ray Santana along with Jim Gardner and Dave Croff. We’re going to be teaching a workshop where we’re going to teach a bunch of students how to…giving them tips on being a wedding photographer as well as spending the day shooting portfolios for models. I’m also doing a workshop in February which I’m taking a group of photographers to Italy. We’re try and talk about my philosophy to learning new things as we travel throughout Italy together. I also have a book that I am writing. I’m very excited about. So that’s sort of basically the first half of my year, and I’m really looking forward to it.
DUSTIN: Lots of stuff coming up. Could you kindly share your website and contact information with the listening audience, Kenny?
KENNY: Of course. My website is and my contact information you can reach me at or you can just find me on Twitter;
DAMIEN: Well we thank you very much for joining us today, Kenny.
KENNY: My pleasure. Thank you for having me.
DAMIEN: We encourage our listeners to attend Kenny Kim’s class and to attend the WPPI Conference in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, March 4th – 11th, 2010.   You have been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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