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MorePhotos Radio - Sherry Whitt of The Professional Photographers of North Carolina


ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers with all their internet needs world wide. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here’s your host, Damien Allen.  DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen and joining me on the phone today is Sherry Whitt of the PPNC. Good afternoon, Sherry, and welcome to the program.
SHERRY: Thank you.
DAMIEN: Why don’t you tell us about the PPNC? What does it do, and how does it serve the photographic community?
SHERRY: PPNC is one of the nation’s largest associations of professional photographers. We have over 500 members. We offer our members the best seminars, the best photographic schools, and networking with some of the best professional photographers in the United States. It’s a wonderful organization to belong to.
DAMIEN: Now we know the Professional Photographers of North Carolina is having their 2010 Convention in February, the 26th - March 3, 2010. Could you tell us what will be happening at the Convention?
SHERRY: Yes the convention will take place there in the Sheraton Imperial in Raleigh, and it is a 5 day, non-stop, all-day packed seminar with food fellowship, and excellent learning opportunities for a relatively low membership fee. Anyone that is licensed as a photographer or has a sales license can come join and they can look it up on our website at and it will give the entire schedule for this year’s convention, our guest speakers, all the parties, and all the other activities and information that would be needed to come join us and our theme this year is Viva Las Vegas 2010. It’s going to be a lot of fun.
DAMIEN: What are some of the educational benefits and resource available at the PPNC?
SHERRY: PPNC, throughout the year we have Eastern, Central, and a Western Guild. These are two day, packed seminars with speakers and you can go learn from if you want to learn more on seniors, bridal portraits, weddings, commercial photography, and journalistic photography. We’ll also have programs on Photoshop and marketing which is a big part of our seminars now. We also have, in the summer, a week long show called the East Coast School which is part of our PPNC organization and you would be able to go and spend one week with a one on one class to teach whatever particular thing you are interested in. You might want to take a class for weddings, or you might want to do it on marketing, but you would go take one week long class under just one speaker and that is a great benefit for being a member of the PPNC and not only do you learn from the seminars that we hold, but also just from your fellow photographers. The new ones, the old ones, everyone has something to bring to the table and sometimes we laugh, sometimes you learn more in the hallway from your buddies as you do sometimes in the classroom.
DAMIEN: What are the objectives of the Professional Photographers of North Carolina?
SHERRY: We strive to advance photography and all of its branches, both as an art and as a profession. We try to create and maintain cordial relations through many of our members. We try to propose and support legislation on favorable to the interest of the professional photographers. We try to fix and maintain equitable standards to its members. We cooperate with other organizations that maybe striving to accomplish similar purposes as well.
DAMIEN: We have checked out your awesome photography website; how long have you been a photographer and what are the specialties and goals of your studio?
SHERRY: I have been a photographer since graduation at RTC in 1982. I opened my own studio in King, North Carolina. It’s Sherry M. Whitt Photography, and my goals are to continue serving my community with photographs that will give cherished memories that will hopefully last a lifetime.
DAMIEN: How did you get involved with PPNC and how does being a member benefit your work?
SHERRY: I got involved as a student while attending photography school at RTC and an awesome photographer, who is now a past PPNC president, and he is also a life member, Mr. Pete Toumer, I went to see him as a mentor. He and his wife, they had a studio at that time, and I asked him the things that I should do, and the first thing he said that if you don’t do anything else, you must join your state affiliation which is Professional Photographers of North Carolina, and he said you will learn more there than you will a lot of times than you learned in school. And since I got a degree in photography, I took his advice and I joined immediately as a student at RTC and I think coming from a member that had been there for 50 years, it said a lot, and I have learned a lot from it.
DAMIEN: How can photographers join the PPNC, and how can they register for the upcoming convention?
SHERRY: You can register to go to the PPNC website. It’s and it will have all the information about upcoming events, becoming a member, and it’s a packed week of fun for the convention, and I would love to anyone who is interested in photography or has a photography studio and has never joined to please visit our website and you can contact me, personally, or our executive secretary to becoming a member of the PPNC.
DAMIEN: What’s going to be new for Sherry Whitt in 2010, where are we going find you next?
SHERRY: Next year I’ll be serving as the 2011 PPNC president, and I look forward to seeing everyone there and having another wonderful convention that will be filled with learning experiences and having social events and one that we will always remember. Can’t give my theme out yet, because we are not finished with the Viva Las Vegas, but I will be announcing my theme at the banquet that we have at our state convention the night we give out our awards and the people who have entered print competition which I didn’t even mention that. We have a great print competition that Kodak gives out awards and Fuji gives awards. We have many people who give awards for our members who have entered print competitions and do beautiful, excellent work, and at our banquet the theme for my convention will be announced.
DAMIEN: Could you kindly share your website and contact information, Sherry, and the contact information for the PPNC one more time.
SHERRY: It’s and you can contact me at Sherry M. Whitt Photography in King, North Carolina. My email address is and my office phone number is (336) 983-6618, and again, I would love to see new members.
DAMIEN: Thank you very much for joining us today, Sherry, and sharing all this information about the Professional Photographers of North Carolina and the upcoming convention.
SHERRY: Thank you. Thank you for the interview. I appreciate it very much.
 DAMIEN: You’re listening to More Photos Radio. We strongly encourage everybody to visit the PPNC website and to join Sherry at the 1010 PPNC Convention February 26, - March 3, 2010. This is More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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