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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Pat Taylor of Pat Taylor Photography.  Good morning, Pat, and welcome to the program.
PAT: Thank you, glad to be here.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you here today, sir. Why don’t you tell us, Pat, how did Pat Taylor Photography get started?
PAT: Well back when I was in the Navy in the late 60’s and early 70’s, I bought my first camera at the Navy Exchange and just started taking pictures and then when I got out of the service, I continued that as a hobby and soon found that there was a demand for my service so I turned then back in 1971 into a company called True Life Photography.   DAMIEN: Where is Pat Taylor Photography located now?
PAT: Well in 1979 we moved to Eaton, Ohio, and I changed the name to Pat Taylor Photography, and we have been here now for just about 31 years.   DAMIEN: What are the specialties of Pat Taylor Photography, Pat?  
PAT: Preble County is a very small community of 40,000 people and there are 5 school districts within the county. We are the official school photographer for all 5 of the schools, and I say our business is pretty much school based; however, we do do families, because they are generated from the school pictures along with sports and being in a small community you’re kind of the Jack of All Trades with a little bit of commercial, a little bit of areal, some pets, and just a general practice photographer so to speak.
DAMIEN: Besides general practice photography, what other services does Pat Taylor Photography provide?
PAT: Well we have our in-house lab called Digital Color Lab so we advertise to the general public that if you’re going to the big box stores and you want to get a 4x6 that’s great, but if you want to take one of your special pictures and create it into a big wall print or something that is becoming the focal point of the room, we have the capabilities to customize and edit and work with those files to create a nice image and a much larger image than you can get at the big box stores.
DAMIEN: There are a lot of things that go into a photography shoot. What is the most important part of it, Pat?
PAT: I think the most important part of a photographer is not the camera, it’s not the studio, it’s nothing physical, it is the personality and the creativity of the photographer. In this day and age, the digital age, so many people claim to be photographers, yet you have to have a personality that convinces people to relax, to be natural and to create an image with your eye through the camera that is pleasing and composed correctly and the lighting and that is what happens when you create a really fine portrait is that all those elements come together, but the greatest tool is the photographer’s eye.
DAMIEN: Now you’ve also got a few other things that you do. What is PLT & Associates, LLC and how did that come about?  
PAT: Well we have not only Pat Taylor Photography; we have School Days Photography which is our underclass division. We have PTP Sports Photography.   We travel around the Midwest doing post-sports pictures and there is also the Digital Color Lab and then our latest adventure is First Impression Wear.
DAMIEN: And what is that about?
PAT: First Impression Wear was originally called Richard’s Jacket Shop. It was created back in the 60’s by a gentleman called Wayne Richards and was extremely successful for many years, but Wayne retired and he sold it to someone who also did very well and then they sold it to somebody else who also did very well, but unfortunately the final owner didn’t do well and it was closed down, but it was a business that really relates to schools. Whether it is varsity jackets, team uniforms, spirit wear, and we felt that since we were so involved with the schools, and in some schools for over 30 years, that this was a great addition to our stable, so to speak, and with photography in a digital age taking a downward turn, we felt that having this as a support factor for the rest of the businesses was a good idea.
DAMIEN: Now we checked out your awesome website, and we know that you specialize in senior portraits. What’s going to be new for Pat Taylor Photography in 2010?
PAT: Well I think we are becoming more aggressive with our seniors. It seems that the seniors in the last couple of years have given less and less priority to senior portraits and more priority to texting and twittering and Facebooking than they do to some other things, and I think we have to get the excitement back into photography. We have to do things that are unique and very personalized. I think that’s the secret. The cookie cutter approach to photography that was viable 20 years ago, and maybe even back 10 years ago, is no longer viable, and you have to be a lot more creative, a lot more aggressive, but a lot more into your customers and personally get into what they want to do, and they all want to be individuals and that is what we have to do is treat them as individuals.
DAMIEN: With the change of today’s children from 20 years ago, what kinds of packages are you providing for your seniors?
PAT: Well one of the unique things that we do is we have packages and then we have at the bottom a substitution and exchange list, because I don’t think I can create a package that fits every families needs so the unique aspect of our business we say, “Here is the package, now change it to whatever you want.” And we find that that is very well accepted by the public, because some people may have 2 aunts and uncles, some may have 10, so they all have different needs and I think the flexibility that we give them allows them to custom create their own package, and I think they find that to be very good, because as we say, “We don’t want you to buy pictures you don’t need.” And I think they appreciate that.
DAMIEN: Would you kindly share your website address and contact information with the listening audience, Pat?  
PAT: Sure our phone number is 1 (800) 433-6061. Our website is
DAMIEN:  Thank you very much for joining us today and talking about Pat Taylor Photography.
PAT: It’s been my pleasure. Thank you.
DAMIEN: Thank you for joining us today on More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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