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The Services and Specialties of Eddie Price Photography


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DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Eddie Price of Eddie Price Photography. Good afternoon, Eddie, and welcome to the program.
EDDIE: Thank you. Good morning.
DAMIEN: We checked out your awesome photography website. How long have you been a photographer and what are the goals of Eddie Price Photography?
EDDIE: I’ve been a photographer for more than 20 years. I have always loved photography and I taught photography to teenagers as well as to adults. I’ve just been involved with photography a long time. The goal of my studio is to make images that tell that story of our lives. What is your story? Are you unique? It is my goal to make sure that I convey YOU in your pictures. Behind every image there is a story which reflects your life at a particular point in time, a moment which we will never have again. So my goal is to try and make pictures that people feel themselves and see themselves at that particular time in their life, because they will never get to that point again or never have that moment again.
DAMIEN: What are the specialties of Eddie Price Photography?
EDDIE: Weddings and engagement pictures, events, portraits, high school seniors, restoration, and now digital painting in charcoal or pastel.
DAMIEN: Where is your studio located?  
EDDIE: The studio is located 8 miles south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in Ferrington Village. I am located 30 miles from Raleigh, Carry, plus Durham, and I do travel.
DAMIEN: Do you do Event photography, Eddie?
EDDIE:  Yes. I do events, and I actually find events very interesting, because events I have been doing are for professional organizations such as the National Nurse Practitioner Organization for the country, and I have traveled to about 5 different states recording their event. This is an event that last 4 days and of those 4 days, I take pictures of everything that happens at their event. Then they select the pictures they are going to use on their website. I’ve also done other events, professional meetings, and all kinds of different events such as retirements; events like a President retiring from a bank and recording the retirement party for him. I recorded other retirements.   Recently I did a retirement of a minister. That was a very interesting experience, because this minister had been with the church for 5 years, and they gave me the option to take as many pictures as I wanted during this for the minister and it was very unique, because this minister had cancer and he was real sick, but yet, this was his last chance to stand at the pulpit and it was one of those experiences that by doing events just not commercial events, but as well as events with people and telling the story just gave me a very fulfilled feeling to be able to record this for this man, because this may be the last event for him. Events are usually very fun and very challenging, because they all offer an experience that is usually very different because each event is somewhat different, but the events are always very interesting and I enjoy doing those.
DAMIEN: Eddie, you also do wedding photography. Let’s talk about that. What’s some of the advice you can give to young couples?
EDDIE: Let’s talk about my wedding photography first. I’m a photographer who does a combination of traditional, photojournalism, and free style, and I try and seek to capture those special moments during the wedding that tells the whole story of the wedding day. For many brides and grooms the wedding day is a blur and they actually do not get to see what their wedding was like until they receive their wedding images from that day, because they are so stressed and it just makes it very difficult for them to see all the things that they spend so much time planning such as their flowers, the room, the cake, and my goal is to make images that they will remember. Now for every wedding I provide a DVD slide show to music with all the images from the wedding for the bride and groom for free. I do this because I feel very strongly about weddings. I feel that a lot of pictures or images are made, but usually only a small number are selected for their album. So by providing this DVD slideshow to music, they get an opportunity to see everything that happened that day, and I just feel that it makes a more complete story of their wedding day. Now things to think about for brides and grooms. When thinking about your wedding day, brides usually start a year out on planning, but some of the things that they need to think about are whether they are a structured person or unstructured person, because that makes a different in how their day is going to proceed. To give you an example, Mel was the city planner and Jill a doctor. She had everything lined up, every vendor knew their role, everything was solely in order, and exactly without a wedding planner. This is very rare. At the end of the reception at exactly 5 hours everything was completely cleaned up, the couple left to attend a Duke football game. That is a structured person. An unstructured person, or at least an unstructured wedding, Judy was a university professor and her groom, Bob, was a financial planner. The guests all arrived at their home for a backyard wedding and was greeted by the bride and groom. After 45 minutes the couple decided to walk down the isle. The couple said their vows, continued socializing with their guests, and this is wedding of an unstructured nature, and this is also very rare. As a bride and groom you need to think about what is your style of wedding. What is it you want to reflect? There are many options in terms of weddings and today many people are doing very different things. No two weddings have I done have I seen that are exactly alike. Next, churches…please be aware that in many churches there are many different rules and many photographers are allowed to take pictures with flash sometimes and other times they are not. It depends on the church and the minister so please check with the minister to make sure that you know the rules for your church if you are having a church wedding. Also consider that some churches have directors who direct activities of the weddings where sometimes they do not direct the activities. Sometimes they only provide the venue for you, and you are left to organize things yourself. These are all things you should think about and consider in doing a church wedding. Then when you go to a hotel venue, some situations you have a wedding planner, and other situations you have a situation where you organize everything yourself. To see what type of experience you have, you need to talk clearly with the hotels to know what is going to be the nature of activities at that venue. These are just a few things to think about as a bride and groom in planning your wedding.
DAMIEN: Well Eddie, if someone is interested in learning more about Eddie Price Photography, or if they want to contact you, what is the website and contact information?
EDDIE: The website is and you can contact me at or you can call me (919) 812-5482. I would love to hear from you.
DAMIEN: Thank you very much for joining us today, Eddie.
EDDIE: You’re welcome.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Eddie Price of Eddie Price Photography. This is More Photos Radio. I am Damien Allen. Everybody have a great afternoon.
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