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Brad MacDonald of UIS discusses Wi-Pic


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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Brad McDonald of United Imaging Solutions and today we are talking about Wi-Pics Mobile. Good morning, Brad, welcome to the program.
BRAD: Good morning, Damien, how are you?
DAMIEN: I’m doing just fine. Hope you’re doing well, sir.
BRAD: I am thank you.
DAMIEN: Well tell us, Brad, what is  Wi - Pics Mobile?
BRAD: Wi-Pics Mobile is really a unique device that is designed for the professional photographer that aids them in improving his or her work flow. That’s done by data association and the use of wireless transmission.
DAMIEN: How does it work?
BRAD: Basically we connect to the camera via the USB cable. Really what we’re trying to do is watch the camera and let it do its job first. We certainly don’t want to impede the camera. When the camera stops writing to the card, we’ll go and pull the images from the card in the camera into our device and from there we apply the data association and at that time, we’ll either wirelessly transmit the device to a location that you choose and/or the images can be stored on a memory card in the device.
DAMIEN: What are the advantages of owning a Wi Pics?
BRAD: There are several advantages. Probably the most powerful out of everything is data association. Data association means that there is information that can be imbedded into the EXIF header of the images. This allows for quick and easy retrieval of the images at a future time which greatly aids the photographer in the sales. So that’s what that association is in a quick nutshell. We do that with three user defined fields where you can put any type of information you choose into either one of those fields plus we have the ability to scan bar codes and that is up to six different bar codes at one time, read a magstrip reader or an RFID tag, and you can take all of that information plus the three user defined fields and embed that into the header. We also by doing that and being connected to the camera, we mount underneath the camera or to the hip of the photographer. This allows them complete freedom of movement. They can move around their subject. If they are at a soccer game they can move from field to field without really being impeded. All of this is done realtime at time of capture. Really what it means at the end of the day is improved workflow for the photographer. It allows them to increase revenue, reduce administrative costs, and ultimately improve profits.
DAMIEN: Well, Brad, what are some of  the other features of Wi-Pics?
BRAD: I’d like to say that when you do choose to transmit the images, they are secure. There are several different security features that can be enabled if you choose. You can lock out a photographer. So if you have other photographers that are working for you, and you don’t want them to be monkeying a round with the settings, you can literally set up the device and then lock them out from making any changes. You can set up different types of profiles for data association and/or transmission and save those onto a CF card so at a future date if you wanted to reload those same settings because you are at the same venue again, all you would have to do is download from that card. Or if you have multiple devices at the same venue and you want them all to have the same type of settings, you could load each of those devices from that card. It’s very fast, very quick and really very simple. The device is very light weight. It has its own battery so you are not draining down the battery of the camera, very reliable and like I mentioned before it can mount underneath the camera or it can mount to the hip with a quick draw.
DAMIEN:  Does this work with any camera, or will I have to modify my camera to u it?
BRAD: it works with just about any Nikon or Canon professional camera. You can check on our website or call us to get a complete updated list. We are continually adding cameras as we go through the calendar and, no, you don’t have to do any kind of changes or updates to your camera.
DAMIEN: Brad, how long has United Imaging Solutions been in Business?
BRAD: We have been in business since early 2007.
DAMIEN: And where are you guys located?
BRAD: We are located in Rochester, New York, at 100 Linden Oaks, Suite 103.
DAMIEN: If one of the members of our listening audience wants to get their hands on a Wi-Pics, were do they go? What is the contact information?
BRAD: Well, they are welcome to contact us directly by phone if they would like, and our number is (585) 798-5973, and they can just ask for customer service or you’re welcome to go on our website which is, and you can either look for information on that website, contact us through the website, or if you choose to order a device, you can do it directly online.
DAMIEN: Well thank you very much for joining us today, Brad, and discussing Wi-Pics Mobile with us.
BRAD: My pleasure; thank you.
DAMIEN: My name is Damien Allen. You have been listening to More Photos Radio. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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