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MorePhotos Radio Photography Spotlight on Katydid Photography


ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers with all their internet needs. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here is your host, Damien Allen.  DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Kathy Peoples of Katydid Photography of Warminster, Pennsylvania. Good morning, Kathy, welcome to the program.
KATHY: Thank you. How are you?
DAMIEN: I’m fine. I hope you’re doing well. Your website is absolutely beautiful and it’s filled with wonderful photographs. How did you get started with Katydid photography?
KATHY: I got started when I just had an interest in high school of shooting photographs. I always was an art student and it just really took me by surprise and I just found that I absolutely loved it and I was good at it and it was just fun.
DAMIEN: What types of photography does Katydid Photography provide?
KATHY: Well we started off we did weddings. And we did them for almost 28 years, and we integrated families and children and pregnancy, high school seniors, business portraits. We do almost anything to do with people.  A big part of our business is also babies and pregnancy. We love to see mom come in with her belly pictures. It’s a fun time in their life. We generally suggest that she comes in about a month prior to giving birth, and then we certainly want to see the baby so we ask them to come back in, mom and dad, just mom whoever wants to come back in with the baby. It’s always nice to do a family portrait and the baby alone. That’s what we prefer, but we certainly will do either. Sometimes moms aren’t quite up to it in the beginning, but the newborn baby is so precious, and you can’t recapture that. So we try to get mom to come in with the newborn baby and photograph. And then we have packages on our website where you can come in for 3 times during the first year for a special price and have that baby photographed at various times, because they grow up so fast, and you can’t bring that back. So you need it in photographs. You need to cherish those pictures and put them up in the baby’s room so that when the baby grows up they feel that warmth and that love that you had for them. So we love to photograph little pieces of the baby. We love to photograph their hands and their feet and sometimes even just their eyes or their lips. That’s a good part of our business also, and we encourage mom to come in like I said when she is pregnant and try to have that done. We also offer high school seniors something that is a little unique. They can always have their portraits taken at school, but we have a lot of seniors that like to come here, because we offer them a free portrait session from the months of June – August. They can come here and have their portraits taken inside and outside on our studio grounds and we do casual clothing, we do some fun shots, inside we do the drape, the tux, the cap and gown. We utilize all the different props that we have for seniors which is a little different than regular portraits. We have an actual motorcycle they can be photographed with or on. We have some various cars. We have them bring in their instruments sometimes. It’s just a fun thing. They are here usually for a couple of hours, and they get pampered and their session is free. So we do have special packages for them once they come in to order their pictures. They are welcome to bring their parents in, and we actually prefer them to bring their parents in, and they can go through and see all the beautiful portraits we have taken for them. We also offer prom pictures fort he juniors and the seniors. We usually do a special night for them and have fun here. Their parents can come and have a barbeque while they get their portraits taken, and we love to see them in their gowns and all their glitzy shoes and jewelry. It’s fun. So we encourage the seniors to bring their friends out. We also offer them free wallets for bringing in other friends and it’s something that is an ongoing thing here.
DAMIEN: Are there certain locations that you like to do your portrait work at or are you studio based or do you go out in the field?
KATHY: We have a huge studio here. We are very fortunate. We have 3 acres to work on. We also have one of the largest indoor studios around. So we prefer people to come here; however, we will certainly go to someone’s home or a local park. Sometimes it’s more convenient for them, sometimes the kids are just better at their own home, because they are more comfortable in their own home. So we try to accommodate our customers in any way possible.
DAMIEN: Are there certain out locations you tend to use a lot?
KATHY: We are fortunate we are in a very beautiful area. We are in Buck County Pennsylvania, and we have a couple little towns that are just absolutely beautiful to photograph in, lots of flowers and buildings, architecture. One is called Peddler’s Village in Lahaska. Another is the town of New Hope. We’re very close to all of those. WE have a lot of local parks that are right down the street from us, but like I said, we have three acres here. We have a gazebo. We have ponds with a little duck which is adorable to put the kids on to fish. We have some big coy in there for them to get excited over and they can feed them while they are here. We have an old spring house wall that still exists from the original property here and that makes a real nice rustic background for us. So we’re very fortunate. We have a lot to work with.
DAMIEN: I notice that on almost all of your family portraits, everyone is wearing similar if not exactly the same color palette. Could you explain why this is so important in photography?
KATHY: Absolutely. You’re right. It is very important. The old masters used this craft. They knew what they were doing when they painted a portrait. They had the clothing subdued so the attention was on the faces. So with photography we try to use the same rules, and we make sure that the client understands that they need to use 3 or less colors when they come out for their portrait. So if they have 3 people in a portrait, or 10 people in a portrait, it would be sticking to solid colors 3 or less and that makes the viewer’s eye when they see the portrait hanging go right to the faces and that is what we are going for. The faces, the expressions, and we try to also give them some information about where it is going hung, what kind of clothing they want to use. So if it’s going to be in a family room, maybe they would prefer to use more casual clothing. If it’s going to be in a formal living room, then maybe suit and ties and appropriate clothing for women would be better.
DAMIEN: Now besides the weddings and the family portraiture, what other types of services do you provide?
KATHY: We integrated some teaching and it’s going over very, very well. A couple of years ago we started teaching all types of photography classes here at the studio. We also do some local classes at the library and the camera shops, and we are just getting overwhelmed with how excited everyone is with these classes. The camera class is for beginners. That’s probably our most popular. Beginners digital camera class and it teaches the students how to use all those little buttons that they have no idea what they are there for. We say that AUTO is the four letter word we do not use in our class, and everybody laughs and then they really get it. It’s not easy the first class, but by the second class they are like amazed at how much they have learned, and by the third class they are actually taking fabulous pictures, and they can’t believe they every used that AUTO button. We also offer photography classes with Photoshop using the computer and manipulating photographs within Photoshop. There are two versions of that we teach an amateur and a professional version, and now we are actually adding other classes such as Lightroom and lighting and wedding classes. So you’ll have to look for all the new things that we offer on our Blog, because we list them as they come up.
DAMIEN: What else will be new for Katydid Photography in 2010, Kathy?
KATHY: Well, that’s another exciting thing for me personally. I’m adding a line of fine art photography and it will be for sale to our individual customers and also for display pieces at restaurants, hotels, local businesses. We have many local photographs of this area. Because we are in Buck County and close to places I had mentioned like Lahaska and New Hope and a lot of other famous sites in this area that artists lived here, we have a lot of shots I’ve taken over the years that we’re turning into art pieces and photo art is becoming very, very popular. One of the local magazines just named it being an out seller of art work which is amazing for photographers that photography is now outselling art. So we are excited about this, and we just started with this implementing a new line of the art pieces so look for what we are going to do in the future here with these and if anyone owns a business and is looking for some new art to put up; you’re renovating, this would be some way to bring in local clients so they can see the area and remember what was here before some of the parking lots took over and things like that.
DAMIEN: Would you kindly share your website and contact information with the listening audience, Kathy.
KATHY: Sure. You can go to You can email us. We have a blog there, and our address is 363 West Bristol Road and we’re in Ivyland, Pennsylvania.
DAMIEN: We’d like to thank you very much for joining us today, Kathy, and talking about Katydid Photography with us.
KATHY: Thank you so much I enjoyed it. Have a great day.
DAMIEN: You have been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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