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ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers market photography since 1999 with easy to use software & templates that provide seo for photographers. Now here is your host, Damien Allen. 
DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Suzan Moody of More Photos. Good morning, Suzan, welcome to the program.
SUZAN: Good morning, Damien, glad to be here.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you today. How long have you been with the company, and what is your position with More Photos, Suzan?
SUZAN: I’m the operations officer. I’ve been here about a year. This is my second tenure, though. I was here back in 2000 when we first launched our LabImages Product.
DAMIEN: Well we hear a lot about SEO and SEM. What are SEO and SEM and why does an e-commerce business need to worry about this, Suzan?
SUZAN: SEO is Search Engine Optimization and SEM is Search Engine Marketing. So actually Search Engine Optimization is a piece of Search Engine Marketing, but most people can influence a Search Engine Optimization so they talk about that a lot and it’s simply a strategy used to get your website, your blog, your company found. Businesses use it to increase their brand exposure. They use it to try to collect information from their target market, and obviously additional sales revenue by addressing these new and expanding markets.
DAMIEN: How do links play into the equation when you’re looking to be found by Google?
SUZAN: First of all you need to know what Google’s goal is by using the equations and the formulas and that is to provide real time search results. They use this formula to look at the information on the internet and serve up whatever the breaking news or the stories or the information and popular queries are part of that. So when you look at links, links give validation to information by the number of people who link to that particular bit of information. It might be also interesting to know that Google actually makes about 300 – 400 changes in their ranking formula every year. That’s like 1 a day. So from a marketing viewpoint, we are always in catch up mode. We are always wondering what is the formula that we are trying to match, and when you think about Google’s goal to ensure that a particular search term or phrase matches results, when you realize the closer and more relevant the match, the more the user is satisfied, and the more likely they will come back to that particular search engine again. Which then of course the search engine can use in gaining revenue, because they have a larger piece of the popularity. So they use that in terms of a piece of the website and it’s a pretty hefty piece. It’s an important thing to look at for businesses.
DAMIEN: Suzan, how does More Photos help their customers achieve top SEO?
SUZAN: In terms of SEO, there are on-site factors and off-site factors. So we can really help them influence what they have control on their website and about  15% of that formula does come from the meta data and content the photographer has direct control over. So we make it real easy, we have fields that they can insert targeted key words into an area that Yahoo would read, another area that Google reads, areas that other search engines read, and they can do this without the photographer having to know the complexity of html code. It’s just a field, they type it in, they save it, and it gets delivered right onto their website.
DAMIEN: What if I owned just a small company? Do I need to worry about all the internet lingo?
SUZAN: Well you only need to worry about the part you want to utilize. How can a company address social media if they don’t know what that is? How can they provide key word information if they don’t know what that means? The dilemma for a small business owner is not know can hurt you, and if you hire someone it can get quite hefty. More Photos I think is a really great balance for the professional photographer, because we address a lot of these issues in our basic service package. We know that we can’t be successful if our photographers aren’t successful, and they won’t be successful unless their target market finds them and hires them. So we are very happy to be part of the internet marketing solution, but they still have to know enough about their own business and know enough about what is going out on the internet to actively pursue the marketing piece of their business.
DAMIEN: Now you mentioned social media, how does the new boom in social media impact more photos clients?
SUZAN: I think it’s a huge impact. When you consider the young adults today have actually never lived without the internet. Anybody 20 years and younger have never been in a world without the internet and most photographers have wedding as part of a big piece of their business and most weddings are young adults so these photographers really need to know how to reach their market, and they need to know how this social media is impacting their target market and how to use it to reach their target market.
DAMIEN: What is the best tip you can tell MorePhotos customers to get them started, Suzan?
SUZAN: Just to get a lot of great content  into their website, take advantage of the Search Engine Optimization and fields that we have, but when they put something on their website, if they keep it fresh what they did this month, maybe they won an award, or they were considered for an award, or maybe they volunteered and did some photography for the Humane Society, whatever that is, if they can change their content and give it something fresh every month, that gives the search Engines a reason to come back. If they let it be stale, they will slowly lose their ranking.
DAMIEN: Are there any new hot feature or new products at MorePhotos people should know about?
SUZAN: We have some really exciting stuff coming out probably in the next month. We have a new Photomanager which allows photographers to upload some really complex folder structures, it’s much faster, much quicker, much easier to manage, and then actually online we have another new piece coming. The Online Manager has a new look and feel, the dashboard of the backend of the website is much easier to manage, much more intuitive, and so the combination of the software and the Online Manager will be a great time saving benefit to our photographers and give them some new features we are quite excited to launch.
DAMIEN: How can folks get a hold of you, Suzan, if they want more information? What’s the website and contact information?
SUZAN: The website is and the number here is (231) 932-0855. I am extension 18.
DAMIEN: We thank you very much for joining us today, Suzan.
SUZAN: It’s been a delight, Damien. Thanks for having me.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Suzan Moody of More Photos. You are listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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