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DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Sam Shearer, the Managing Director of Ortery Technologies of Irvine, California. Good afternoon, Sam, and welcome to the program.
SAM: Thank you, Damien, it’s nice to be here.
DAMIEN: Pleasure to have you with us today. Now we’re going to be talking about some of the products you guys have there at Ortery and a lot of it new innovative products you have there. An all of this deals with 360  & 3D photography. What are some of these trends, Sam, how did this all come to be?
SAM: Well more and more companies are looking at 360 degree and 3D photography. This history there is that when it started out people would take a still shot and that used to be good enough on websites. Then they graduated to taking multiple shots, maybe 4 sides of an object per set to give customers more information as they shop online and now days you can see the trend is offering 360 degree animations and 3D. Lots of companies are looking at this, because it provides more information for their clients to feel comfortable when they are online making a purchase, From the company’s point of view, that increases conversion rates and it also increases customer satisfaction.
DAMIEN: In looking at the websites and all the information, we see a demonstration of the Photosimile  light box , what are the advantages of using Photosimile?
SAM: We started off creating still shot studios and Photosimile series of ours some of the advantages are that you have a controlled lighting environment and you have software that controls every aspect of the work flow. What I mean by that is that it controls every feature of the digital camera and guides the user through taking their pictures. You can hit preview in the software, you place your object inside, you’ll see your hand, and you’ll see your object on the monitor screen. You’ll get to see the proper placement right on your monitor screen. You can then basically start to compose the image by zooming in and zooming out. We have the pre-crop there so that as it takes the picture, it automatically crops it and you hit snap, the picture is taken, it transfers right down to your computer within two or three seconds and from there that’s just the beginning. Our software has all of the features that allow you to batch edit, batch resize, batch name, batch water mark. Essentially get those images ready for publication whether you’re going for publishing online, or whether you are going to publish those results in a catalog. So the whole idea of Photosimile is to make it simple for anyone to place an object inside of the controlled lighting environment, take the pictures, and quickly get them processed for publishing.
DAMIEN: Now there is one image many benefits kind of philosophy going on. Can you explain to us what the one image many benefits theory is, Sam?
SAM: Certainly. We sell a lot to different levels of the industry so some of our boxes will go to manufacturers, some will go to distributors, some will go to retailers, and kind of that one image, many benefits; it can be applied a couple different ways. If you’re looking at, if today you’re a manufacturer and you take a great picture inside one of our studios, you are able to leverage that picture a lot of different ways. You can leverage it downstream with your distributors and their resellers. You can create high resolution pictures inside of our studios that can be repurposed for all sorts of different uses whether it’s internal communication or whether it’s quality control, product development, whether it’s a website or just taking a picture to send to somebody for daily communication needs.
DAMIEN: How well do the Ortery technologies integrate with my PC or Mac systems, Sam?
SAM: Originally everything was Windows and last year in about September we launched the Mac version of all of our PhotoSimile and PhotoCapture software. So today whether you are using one of our studios or our turn tables, you’re going to have the ability to use that software either on a Mac or on a Windows machine.
DAMIEN: Well now you’re offering the Ortery TruView 360. What is Ortery TruView 360, Sam, and how does it work?
SAM: Ortery TruView 360 is kind of an add on product to our line of PhotoCapture 360 Turn Tables and it can also be just a stand alone program, but what it does is it takes sequences of .jpg images and stitches them together to create 360 degree animations and whether you have taken those pictures with one of our turn tables or somebody else’s that composing process is going to yield images that number one are photo quality, number two you can click and drag on them from all the different angles. So click and drag left and right to see the object from every angle. You can also deep zoom on all of those images. So you can come in to see all the fine details whenever you need to make a decision. That’s really one of the bigger defining parts is the ability to do the deep zooming. The other thing is when you use TruView to compose these images, you can help put them in three different formats. One of the formats is Flash, the other format is SilverLight and the third one is Java .html.
DAMIEN: So you are really covering basically any of the formats that this would be used on on the web.
SAM: Absolutely. It’s really the user’s choice how they want to display these and one of the nice things with Java .html certainly SilverLight and Flash will cover all the computer based, Java .html output will cover all the computer based plus all your mobile devices.
DAMIEN: Now are there some size norms to the ability to how big a subject matter that you are able to take pictures of, you know, something the size of a coffee can? What if you have something the size of a car? What if you have a larger object you need done in 3D? Does this system cover that?
SAM: For 360 we have 4 different sizes of turn tables. The first one in the series is PhotoCapture 360 and that one is able to hold up to 25 lbs. Then we have PhotoCapture 360M, L, and XL and those hold 100, 400, and 700 lbs, respectively. These devices for creating those 360s are one aspect of it. We just recently launched a couple of what we call 3D PhotoArms and these PhotoArms one of them is the 3D PhotoArm 2000 and the other is the PhotoArm 3000 and these work in conjunction with the turn tables. The camera can be delivered to any angle up and over the object as well so that people can create both 360s. They can also create hemispherical as well as full spherical animations with the combination.
DAMIEN: This is really becoming the next edge of photography isn’t it? Why should someone think about doing 360 or hemispherical or spherical photography?
SAM: There’s a lot of products out there that certainly don’t communicate well with just the still shot, and they don’t even communicate well with the 360. Opening up the doors to either hemispherical or spherical animation really does a lot for communicating the true value of a product. We are finding that a lot of customers are using it certainly for website usage, but also for product development and product design. A lot of companies are using it internally instead of maybe sending a physical sample by FedEx, the design team and the manufacturing team communicate digitally with these new technologies and the ability to view the object from every angle smoothly.
DAMIEN: Well if someone is looking for more information on Ortery Technology’s products and services, where should they go, Sam? Is there contact information, a website?
SAM: Certainly. It’s Ortery Technologies and our website is You can always give us a call as well at (949) 859-5580.
DAMIEN: Thank you very much, Sam, for joining us today and discussing the Ortery Technologies TruView 360 and the rest of the products you have there.
SAM: It was my pleasure.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Sam Shearer, Managing Director of Ortery Technologies of Irvine, California. We have been discussing 360 photography, and you have been listening to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, everybody have a great afternoon.  
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