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ANNOUNCER:  Welcome to the More Photos’ Radio Photography Spotlight brought to you by helping professional photographers with all their internet needs. Also brought to you by Finally, an e-commerce solution for professional photo labs that makes sense. Now here is your host, Damien Allen. 
DAMIEN: Good afternoon and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the telephone is Robert Liva, President and CEO of Jumbo Shots.  Good afternoon, Robert, and welcome to the program.
ROBERT: Thank you very much, Damien. How are you doing today?
DAMIEN: I’m doing just fine, sir. Hope you’re doing well.
ROBERT: I’m doing wonderful. A little cold here down in Dallas, Texas. We got a big freeze going on.
DAMIEN: In deed, snopacolypse starting from the great state of Texas. 
ROBERT: There you go.
DAMIEN: They’re going to have it all cleared up before the Superbowl, though, right?
ROBERT:  I hope so or there are going to be a lot of disappointed people.
DAMIEN: In deed. Well you know one of the greatest things about this job is I get to wander around the internet and look for neat and innovative little things that happen in the photography world, and I came across Jumbo Shot’s website where I found the most astounding special affects photography I think I’ve seen. It’s absolute magic. How on earth did Jumbo Shots get started, Robert.
ROBERT: It’s an interesting tale. I own another corporation called Tough Fronts and we manufacture custom graphics for the fronts of vending machines nationwide. We do all the Walmarts, Home Depot, Lowes, and so I’m very familiar with the graphic industry, and one of my suppliers told me I should go out to soccer fields and take pictures of little kids and blow them up and print them on the Phototech material similar to a FatHead material, and I told him, “If I do that, I might get arrested.” So anyway, I went out there and I looked at a lot of good players, but they’re not real action shots. When I looked at it and I analyzed the industry we spent two years developing a way to pose these people so that the worst of players can look spectacular. They can be doing a bicycle kick or a scissor kick or heading the ball or saving the spectacular goal. Hence began the long journey of Jumbo Shots. It took us two years to develop this product. We’re very proud of it, and we are going to introduce it to the market nationwide by selling exclusive territories.
DAMIEN: Now you have a studio down in Texas, where  is that studio located and how long has it been in business?
ROBERT: We are located in Colony, Texas, and we moved into this 30,000 sq. ft. facility. We have approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of studio space. The other 20,000 sq. ft. is production.
DAMIEN: Now you are getting ready to send this out to the masses here. You’re providing a turn-key system for other photographers to produce these amazing shots. How is this going to work, Robert?
ROBERT: We have developed a staging and prop system so that you can quickly locate within 1 – 2 minutes all the angles you need to achieve these spectacular shots. One of the things about our type of photography versus just a traditional background, when we take the image it is sent to us, we cut it out and we layer it into the image. So versus it just being a background if you are surfing the spray of water is in front of you. Where you are sliding into 2nd base, a cloud of dust is in front of you. It really gives it a very dynamic feel. 
DAMIEN: As opposed to taking a traditional photo setting shoot, you know, I come in for a session, how long does a typical session like this take?
ROBERT: We can average ten shots an hour if we are reconfiguring the stage, a different pose each time, but if you have the same pose set up, you can do up to 30 shots an hour. So our studios are for stationary studios or they are for mobile set ups. You can go to schools, you can go to youth organizations, you can go to the YMCA, you can go to churches, you can do fundraisers with this. And we also have a very detailed marketing plan that we are coming out with for our dealers so they have templates of material to solicit the organizations that they want to solicit, and then we also have other information or templates that they can allow their organizations to solicit their student body, their church congregations or youth organizations so they can benefit from this package also. Traditionally, some of these guys are charging $9.95 for a portrait and it is just ruining the industry, because there is not profit margin in this. We have tested it at all different  price breaks. We’ve charged up to $99 for a picture and then we have charged as little as $49 for a picture. It just depends on how you want to charge the customer.
DAMIEN: Now you mentioned fundraisers, what advantage is there for a fundraiser to use Jumbo Shots versus a traditional photo session?
ROBERT: First off, I want to say what Jumbo Shots does is it also it compliments the traditional portraits. There will always be traditional portrait photography. This is just something to add on that is a little more exciting and allows them to get a higher ticket price for their product.
DAMIEN: How would this system work if you were doing a fundraisers, and how much set up time would you be looking at for setting up a mobile application like this?
ROBERT: Not including transportation, we can move our studio in the field, and we can usually set up in about 20 – 30 minutes. The tear down is about the same and that was with one person. With two people you can do it in about 15 minutes.
DAMIEN: So a photographer can take this on location, do a school, you could do sports shots, you could do fundraisers. Are all the different backgrounds offered available for these mobile setups?
ROBERT: Yes. Everything is available. The image is sent to us. We cut that image out and we layer it in and then we send it back to them. We charge $10 an hour for a 24 turn around and we charge $15 for a one hour turn around. We also have a production lab so we do posters, life size images of posters, life size images of photo type material which is more commonly known as a FatHead. That material that sticks to the wall and you can take it off and put it on 100 times. And then there are a lot of ways that people can upsell by just selling the electronic disc. We have sold them for $50, we’ve sold them for $100.
DAMIEN: And you also produce all kinds of graphics. You do decals and banners. So photographer takes a picture and then he sends it off to you and you take care of the rest of the steps. What are the next steps after he has taken the photograph and sent to you?
ROBERT:   It’s sent to us. Again, we cut it out, we layer it in and we send it back to them. They can use their own lab, or if they have their own production equipment, they can use their own production equipment. If they want to use our lab and our facilities, we can produce those images, print them and we will ship within 24 hours.
DAMIEN: Very, very, very awesome stuff, Robert. What is going to be happening for Jumbo Shots in 2011?
ROBERT: We are going to try to get across the country. These territories are based on population of 250,000 people. It’s very affordable to get in. It’s $14,500 for a territory and any additional studios that you buy are only $9,500. We have to bring you here and we have to train you on how to locate all the equipment quickly and how to send us the images and then we have a very detailed marketing plan that we like to work with our dealers or distributers on.
DAMIEN: Typically how long is training?
ROBERT: One week. 5 days.
DAMIEN: Good deal. Well if someone is wanting more information or if they want to see samples of what exactly Jumbo Shots is doing, where do they go, Robert? Is there a website and contact information readily available here?
ROBERT: Yeah, they can go to or they can call me direct at (469) 287-4400, and I’ll tell you what. My cell phone is (214) 773-2075. It is our goal, Damien, and I am very aggressive at gorilla sales, and I can really help your photographers capture market share and do the proper solicitation to make sure they are maximizing their sales in that market. This is a great product to open the door and capture market share. So we are very confident that we are going to sell between 140 territories this year. That’s our goal.
DAMIEN: Well having perused the website quite heavily and looked at the product you have to offer, I highly recommend that you go out to the website and check out what Jumbo Shots is doing. Watch a lot of soccer mom vans or hockey mom vans go by that have the kids name and number on the side of it and what would be better than having your kid blown up doing the ultimate save the ultimate shot, the ultimate pose right on the side of your vehicle instead of just a boring name and number. Absolutely excellent stuff, Robert. Thank you very much for joining us today.
ROBERT: Thank you, Damien.
DAMIEN: You have been listening to More Photos Radio. We have been speaking with Robert Liva of Jumbo Shots. My name is Damien Allen, everybody have a great afternoon.  
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