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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the phone is Doug Miller of Miller Studio Photography of Mt. Zion, Illinois. Good morning, Doug, welcome to the program.
DOUG: Good morning.
DAMIEN: How long have you been in business and where exactly in Mt. Zion are you located?
DOUG: We have been in the photography business here in the Mt. Zion area for 26 years, and our location is 510 Sunset Court.
DAMIEN: What types of photography do you specialize in, Doug?
DOUG: We specialize in high school seniors, weddings , families and children.
DAMIEN: I understand that you do a lot of senior and school photography. What is the best advice do you give to a student who is coming to get their senor portrait done?
DOUG: The best advice I can give to a high school senior that is thinking about having their portraits done is to make sure they are well prepared. They have their clothes laid out at least a week prior to and for the girls to make sure their hair is done well before so they’re not going out getting the tans the day before and they are baked and burnt and they try a new hairdo and it doesn’t work out so well. Make sure you’re comfortable with the hair style and the hair cut you have prior to coming in.
DAMIEN: Give it a chance to grow out if it was a little bit short or get it fixed if you didn’t quite like it.
DOUG: Correct.
DAMIEN: Now I see a lot of senior pictures these days with props. Somebody is carrying something. Can a student bring in their own memorabilia, you know, a guitar, or a football, soccer ball, something like that, or do you also supply props if they don’t have something of their own to bring in?
DOUG: Yes, we actually encourage the kids to bring in something that is actually theirs. We do have sports props here in the studio. We do have several other props here in the studio as well, but anything that can individualize their photograph, their guitar means more to them than the guitar that I have here at the studio. Although we do have some guitars here at the studio, their guitar, again, is going to mean more to them than ours.
DAMIEN: Location shoots have been pretty hot lately to. Is it easier or harder for seniors to do  a location shoot? Do you offer that to somebody?
DOUG: Most definitely. We have 35 locations that we take the high school seniors to. Anytime we are working outdoors, we try to work with the sun. In other words, we don’t want to stand somebody out in the middle of the sun when they have the squinting eyes so we work in the shade. So out of all the locations we have available to us, morning sun, we have locations that we can go to for shade in the morning . Sun is up in the afternoon, we have locations that we can go work in the shade in the afternoon. So it works out really great.
DAMIEN: Now besides the senior and school photography, what other types of services do you offer your customers, Doug?
DOUG: We always offer retouching services to our customers. We also offer composite services to the customers, consultations for families, children, high school seniors, weddings. We always offer the consultations. Folks will ask us what looks good? What colors work best? We’ve got this location. We’ll actually go to their home and say, “Ok, this is probably going to look really nice here in this room that you have chosen to have your family portrait taken in. Whatever the customer wants, those are the types of services we offer.
DAMIEN: Now can they order their pictures online? Are they able to view images on their IPhones or stuff like that?
DOUG: They most definitely are. We have offered that service for going on 10 years now with being able to go right there on our website. We have a shopping cart right there and yes they sure can order right off online.
DAMIEN: Now we also see that you do some awesome baby photo shoots. Do you have any kind of package deals for infant photography?
DOUG: One thing we have that we have offered in the last several years that has been very popular is the Miller Studio Kids Club membership and what this Kids Club membership includes is 6 sessions during the course of a year and that’s not a calendar year, but a running year and those 6 sessions can be used any time that the parents want. It can be just the child alone, that child with siblings, that child with family members.  We run promotional Santa Claus photographs. We do Easter photographs. We do several different specials through the year for children here at Miller Studios. So during the course of the year, the parents can choose any of those 6 times that they want to come in during that year and at the end of the year, they will receive a 5x30” composite with 6 photographs included, one photograph from each session that we have taken during the course of that year.
DAMIEN:   That’s a very neat project. What type of advice would you give parents when they are bringing a new baby into the studio for a photo shoot?
DOUG: I try to work with the child, not what would be a good time for the parents necessarily. What is a good time for the baby. Babies have their own schedules.  They need to be fed, they need to have a good nap, they need a diaper change. All of these things work with the babies schedule and the babies change so fast that what was their schedule last week, they may be on an entirely different schedule this week.
DAMIEN: Now you also do weddings and engagements. Any advice for that bride and groom as they are coming in to get their shots done?
DOUG: Advice for the bride and groom, of course, is to be prepared, make sure you have everything…all of your items taken care of. Not only the photographer, but the florist, the cake, the reception hall, the DJ. Make sure everything is taken care of, but one thing I would probably stress to the bride and groom is that the thing that is going to last after the wedding day itself are the photographs. The brides dress is going to be cleaned and boxed and put away, and the groom’s tuxedo is going to be taken back to the tux rental shop and the only thing that they’re going to have after the day are the wedding photographs. One thing not to do is to cut budget on photographs. You can cut budget elsewhere, but the photographs are the only things that are going to be there afterwards.
DAMIEN: I think that’s pretty good advice. What’s going to be new for the Miller Studio of Photography in 2011, Doug?
DOUG: Well we actually moved here to this new location 510 Sunset Court just last year so we’ve got a lot more room here in the studio itself than what we have had at our old location and that is going to enable us to actually build new sets, three dimensional sets and to be able to add more services we have a sales projection room that we are going to be using in 2011 for those that prefer to come in to the studio and look at their photographs added to music and we will actually have a consultation room for the brides and for the families that want to come in and sit down and discuss clothing, colors and that type of stuff.
DAMIEN: Well if someone wants more information on what is going on with Miller Studio of Photography, what is the website and contact information they need to find you?
DOUG: Our website is and the address is 510 Sunset Court here in Mt. Zion and the phone number is (217) 864-3074.
DAMIEN: We’d like to thank you very much for joining us today, Doug.
DOUG: You’re welcome.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Doug Miller of The Miller Studio of Photography of Mt. Zion, Illinois. You have been listening to More Photos Radio.    My name is Damien Allen. Everybody have a great day.  
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