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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen, and joining me today on the phone is Jowanna Alleyne of in lovely Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Welcome to the program this morning, Jowanna.
JOWANNA: Good morning and thanks.
DAMIEN: How long have you been in business and what types of photography do you specialize in?
JOWANNA: To Be In Pictures is a really big wedding company. We do weddings, obviously, and lots of portraits, but usually for people are a lot of our engagement clients and then we do some family portraiture from that for our former wedding clients, and I’ve done that for about 12 years. I do have another small commercial company, but the wedding company is a big part of what we do.
DAMIEN: Now I understand you are a Nikon Digital Imaging Award winning photographer. How did you get such a distinction, Jowanna?
JOWANNA: I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, and I have been for about that same 12 years and that was the trophy awarded in an experimental class for a wedding image that I had finished.
DAMIEN: How many photographers does To Be In Pictures have on staff?
JOWANNA: There are 3 of us in the studio. I’m the principal photographer and the owner, and then we have 2 other photographers that have worked for us for over 6 years, Christine Vanzella-Twardzik and Darren Wolf.
DAMIEN: Now you specialize in the wedding pictures, but what other types of services do you offer your customers?
JOWANNA: Well a big part of weddings is not just shooting the wedding, but offering all of the products that help you hold your memories after the fact. So we do lots of prints, we also do paintings of our images, and we have beautiful Queensbury Albums.
DAMIEN: Can they order pictures and products online?
JOWANNA: Absolutely, we have an online gallery that we use, but we also like to work with you. Your expertise is what your paying for when you hire a professional photographer. So we are always glad to sit down and go through your images and custom design cards, albums, thank you cards, all of those things with our clients. It’s full service wedding photography.
DAMIEN: I also see on the website that you have done some awesome baby photo shoots. Any advice for the first time parent as they bring a new baby into the studio for photos?
JOWANNA: First parents adore that child and they like to dress them up in grown people clothes often, and I think the beauty of a new baby is just that naked baby. That joyful, naked baby. So I think go simple for the very first shoot. There’s time at about 7 months to dress them up and take them out in little outfits, but I like them when the they are fresh to just be pure baby.
DAMIEN: You guys also do location photo shoots. What  are some tips you can give to your clients when they are going to have a location shoot done?
JOWANNA: Our studio is very much an urban studio. We’re city people and cosmopolitan people and those are the settings that I like to pick to shoot in. So often when you book with us, whether it’s for your wedding or portrait or an engagement portrait, we’ll give you a location in the city that is close to you that we like to work and that place usually has a great sense of light and a great sense of vista and texture to it and that’s what I love about cities.
DAMIEN: Now as the primary part of your business is weddings and engagements and all things encompassing the bridal couple, do you have any advice you can give to a bridal couple as they are coming to the big day? What they need to be prepared for when they get these pictures done?
JOWANNA: My biggest piece of advice is to pick your venders well. Pick people with experience and know how and then trust them as you go in your day. You don’t need to manage good venders. They are managing themselves. So keep in touch for any big changes, but focus on yourself and on the pleasure of your planning and let them do their jobs.
DAMIEN: What’s going to be new for  in 2011, Jowanna?
JOWANNA: We are excited about a few things. We’ve been really working hard on getting a new, faster way of working dynamically on location that yields dramatic results. So if you are looking for cityscapes that are cosmopolitan that have some sophistication to them that are still beautiful bridal portraits, we are the people to come to this year.
DAMIEN: Well if someone is wanting more information on To Be In Pictures or if they would like to see some of your work, where do they go, what is the website and contact information they need to find out what is going on with To Be In Pictures?
JOWANNA: We are available in both Edmonton and Calgary for wedding photography. The website is You can go to the website or send us an email at
DAMIEN: We’d like to thank you very much for joining us today and discussing To Be In with us.
JOWANNA: It was much a pleasure.
DAMIEN: We have been speaking with Jowanna Alleyne of in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My name is Damien Allen.  You have been listening to More Photos Radio. Everyone thanks for joining us today. We’ll catch you next time.
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