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DAMIEN: Good morning and welcome to More Photos Radio. My name is Damien Allen and today we are speaking with David L. Kramer of Edmund M. Kramer Photographers, Inc., Master Photographers from New Jersey. Welcome to the program, David.
DAVID: Thank you for having me back.
DAMIEN: It’s a pleasure to have you on the program with us today. Now you specialize in portraits, weddings, and event photography. How long have you been in business, Dave?
DAVID: Well I grew up in the business. I’m second generation. My father started the studio back in the 1930s. So I’ve been involved with the family business since the 1970s.
DAMIEN: Now it’s a family business, how did you personally get started with photography? Is it something you watched Dad do and say, “Well this is something I want to continue on with? 
DAVID: I was an active young child my mother said, so my father wanted me, I was the oldest of three children at the time, so my father always had a job for me to do in the studio, and I always enjoyed working with him, and it wasn’t until I went off to college when I realized what he had me do and why he had me do what I did. So it was a good start.
DAMIEN: Kramer Photographers also specializes in schools. What is great piece of advice for kids getting their picture taken in a group setting?
DAVID: Well they should pay attention to the photographer, and we call it the triple play effect, because if they have a good attitude about getting their picture taken, they pay attention to directions, and if they are well groomed; hair combed, clean shaven, all that adds to the final image that we can create for them and the school.
DAMIEN: You take kids which are normally fidgety and you also do corporate photography and you also do weddings. Are there tips that you could give both on the corporate end on the wedding end for a couple who are looking for photographers who are wanting to shoot a wedding? How do you approach this?
DAVID: Really the pictures are going to be taking the personality of the people, the place, and the time of year they get married. So a lot of times if people bring the pictures of beach scenes and we are taking pictures up in the mountains, it’s kind of hard to create that, but it’s really about the people and what they wear. There’s about as far as the flowers they carry, what they wear as far as their dress, that kind of thing. So we encourage them always to be ahead of schedule, be on time, and then we don’t have to, you know, as long as we have their cooperation and time to do the photography, we can give them a great final product.
DAMIEN: Do you do lots of location shoots, David?
DAVID: I do. I go out for corporate. I do some destination weddings and I just do a little bit of everything. I don’t just do in the air, we don’t go under the water. We used to do a lot of work for insurance companies, planes and things like that, but now that I’m married with two young girls at home, I try to keep myself very safe.
DAMIEN: Besides the portraits, weddings and event photography, are their other types of photography that the company specializes in? What other services do you provide for your customers?
DAVID: Well I’m carrying over what my father used to do. He was involved in a lot of charitable organizations and since 9/11 we do some pro-bono work for some of the people who were involved in 9/11 as far as fundraisers in education, being involved in the community, giving back. So involved in a couple of, actually my former school board, I’m involved with the alumni board. I’m on a scholar athlete program board, and I do this golf outing for the 9/11 victims and their families. We are very much connected to the local and national communities.
DAMIEN: Family heirloom business that you are involved in. Do you work alone or do you have other photographers on staff with you, David?
DAVID: We do have staff of people who work with us, and depending on what the assignment is, we have a wonderful woman who works very well with small children. So a lot of that studio work she’ll work with me on. Some of the social events, corporate events, I have other photographers that have actually retired, but want to stay active in corporate America who work with me on photography. It’s not just me, but we have one philosophy and we kind of work around that.
DAMIEN: Anything new for 2011 and 2012 coming up for Edmund M. Kramer Photographers, Inc.?
DAVID: Well technology keeps changing, and we want to be one step ahead of the curve so there is new advances coming out in technology, and the public kind of dictates the style, but we sort of work with them as well. My father’s famous quote was “You can’t replace talent with technology”, but we’re always learning and trying to improve on what we’ve started years ago.
DAMIEN: If someone wants more information on Edmund M. Kramer Photographers, where do they find you on the web? What is the email address, phone number, what contact numbers do they need, Dave?
DAVID: We still have a traditional studio and our number at the studio is (973) 377-1767. They can email us at and if they want to look at our images and the kinds of things or work we do, they can go to our website which is
DAMIEN: We’d like to thank you very much for joining us today and talking to us about Edmund M. Kramer Photographers with us, David.
DAVID:   Thank you, Damien, I appreciate it.
DAMIEN: We’ve been speaking with David L. Kramer of Edmund M. Kramer Photographers, Inc., of Forum, New Jersey. You have been listening to More Photos Radio. Thanks for joining us today. Everyone have a great afternoon.
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